The ColecoVisions Podcast

The ColecoVisions Podcast

Friday, November 21, 2014

The ColecoVisions Podcast Episode 11 - Burgertime Roc N Rop Alien Attack and Ryan Gavigan!

On this episode John and I are joined by Ryan Gavigan who holds several high scores and various games including Burgertime!   We also discuss the obscure game Roc N Rope and the classic coleco toy Alien Attack.   Socal is missing from this episode but will be back :)

Download Episode 11 here:


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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The ColecoVisions Podcast Episode 10 Halloween Special and PRGE!

The ColecoVisions Podcast Episode 10 Halloween Special and PRGE!

 In this special episode, we cover 3 homebrew Halloween themed ColecoVision games.  Jeepers Creepers, Ghost Blaster and Princess Quest.  Also included is a new monthly segment by Indieseoul where he covers one game a month from the ColecoVision Flashback :)   Socal and John talk about PRGE and more!

Download episode here :)


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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Extra Life Charity Event October 25th 2014

Join The ColecoVisions podcast,  The Channel F Files and ArcadeUSA along with others in the Retro Junkies network for a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for and the Childrens Miracle Network!  All proceeds go to the Charity to help needy children get the medical attention they need and cant afford.

Listen to the Audio Clip about the event
Watch the Video

Retro Junkies Team Page at
ColecoVisions Podcast page on Extra Life
Arcade USA page on Extra Life

Monday, September 22, 2014

ColecoVisions Podcast Episode 9 - Blackjack Poker and CGE!

Download Here!

On this episode we talk about our experiences at the Classic Gaming Expo in Vegas and Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker game cartridge.  Also in the episode is a panel with Jennell Jaquays and Rebecca Heineman!


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Monday, August 25, 2014

ColecoVisions Podcast Episode 8 - Mousetrap, Ladybug and Ferg!

The ColecoVisions Podcast Episode 8 - Mousetrap, Ladybug and Ferg!

In this episode we have a special guest host Ferg! from the Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast!  We discuss Mousetrap, Ladybug, the ColecoVision Atari Expansion module and More!  Special appearance of the Intellivisionaries Paul and William as well!

Download Episdoe 8 here:


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Saturday, June 28, 2014

On this episode we are joined by Paul Nurminen of the Intellivisionaries Podcast and we disucss Space Fury, Looping and the classic pong console the Telstar Colortron!   SocalMike is MIA in the episode but will be back next month.  Gamester81 has a great homebrew review this month plus loads of other great content!

Download Episode 6 Here :)


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Monday, May 26, 2014

In this episode Socalmike and I are joined by our newest co-host to discuss the game Threshold and B.C. Quest for Tires on the ColecoVision.  We then discuss the tabletop electronic game Zap!  Swap meet finds, Host High Score Challenge (no longer live gameplay, just a report on what our highest score was playing the covered games in this episode), Craigslist hunt and more!

Download Episode 5 here!


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Saturday, April 26, 2014

In this episode, SocalMike and I discuss the Expansion Module  #3 for the ColecoVision which was the Roller Controller!   We also discuss and play the pack in game Slither and give AtariSoft Centipede a try using the roller controller.  Hilarity ensues!.   Gamester81 returns with another great Homebrew Review segment and Socal and I do our Swap Meet finds again!  We finish off the show talking about the classic coleco electronic game head to head football.

So sit back, relax and get in your Coleco Mojo!

ColecoVisions Podcast Episode 4 - Roller Controller, Slither, Centipede and head to head football!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

In this Episode Socal and I discuss the games Oils Well by Sierra Online and Cabbage Patch park adventures!   Who will win the host to host high score challenge!   We also discuss some of our recent swap meet finds (which derails the show, but we decided to leave it in anyway :) ).   We have a couple of Coleco Memories audio clips submitted by Ferg from the Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast and Steve Benway from Youtube!

For the Classic Coleco toy segment we discuss and play the tabletop arcade game Galaxian with some really hilarious results!

Download Episode 3


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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The ColecoVision's Podcast Episode 2 - Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle, Gamerster81 the VideoGame and Electronic Quarterback

This month Socal and I discuss Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle and also Gamerster81 the Videogame!   We have a special guest on the show this month Mr. Gamester81 himself to discuss his game and also to participate in all the shenaningans Socal and I get into.

Socal and I compete for the high score in both Smurf Rescue and Gamerster81 the Videogame on this episode.   And have to put up with Socal's Amiga Powerstick envy :), plus discuss some recent Colecovision news and pickups.

Trisha is back with another great Cabbage Patch Corner segment!

We also discuss Coleco Electronic Quarterback and how it made Socal feel superior to his friends growing up :).

Craigslist Coleco search and the Quiz Whiz Challenger are also on tap!

Grab Episode II here: 
ColecoVision's Podcast Episode 2

Gamester81 website!
Collectorvision - Maker of Colecovision Homebrew Games!
OpCode Games - Colecovision super game module plus other great games!
Team PixelBoy - Battle of Hoth
AtariMax - Maker of the awesome Colecovision Multicart!
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Coleco Electronic Quarterback on the HandHeld Museum site!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The ColecoVisions Podcast Episode 1 - Coleco, The Colecovision with Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong VFD and ya even those Cabbage Patch Dolls

In this episode SocalMike and I discuss a little Coleco history, the ColecoVision console with its pack in game Donkey Kong and the Donkey Kong Tabletop VFD game!

Tricia (SocalMikes wife) does a segment on the Cabbage Patch Dolls called Cabbbage Patch Corner.     Plus Socal and I battle it out for a high score throwdown on both the Donkey Kong VFD and ColecoVision game, who will win!

Gamerster81 joins in to share his ColecoVision Memory and provides a great reveiw of a new ColecoVision homebrew game called Battle of Hoth.

Also featuring a Coleco Classified search, Coleco Quiz Whiz challenge and general ramblings on all things Coleco :)

Get Episode 1 here :)

Other links:
Opcode Games Super Game Module
Battle of Hoth by Team Pixel Boy
 Gamester81 Website
Donkey Kong VFD info on the Handheld Museum
Electronic Handheld game simulators

Friday, January 17, 2014

Episode 1 will be recorded January 25th! - Coleco History, the Colecovision console and Donkey Kong VFD!

SocalMike and I will be recording Episode 1 January 25th of The Colecovisions Podcast! Will be covering the history of Coleco, the Colecovision console with the pack in Donkey Kong and the Donkey Kong VFD tabletop Arcade game! Send in your stories (or submit them below) to so we can read them on the show (audio clips are awesome as well!)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The ColecoVisions Podcast Minisode - The Console Living Room at interview

Interviewed Mr. Joh Vilk, a volunteer on The Console Living Room project at   This project is working to archive game roms from the older classic gaming system.  One of which is of course the Colecovision!  What is neat about this project is you can click on a game rom to find out when it was released, its size in KB, any information about the game rom plus scans of game manuals!   You can even click on the rom to play it in a pop up window using the JMESS emulator, now how cool is that!

Download the John Vilk interview here

Important links:

The Console Living Room at
Source Code to the JSMESS project if anyone wants to help out
Info on the first emulator to get working on the project

If you wish to volunteer for the project you can join the chat room #jsmess or #livingroom on EFNet

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Blooper Reel :)

The ColecoVisions Podcast Blooper Reel from recording the trailer!  Listen in to my Co-host and I as we try to record the trailer for the podcast :)

Download the Blooper Reel Here :)