The ColecoVisions Podcast

The ColecoVisions Podcast

Saturday, December 29, 2018

ColecoCade 2400! Gorf!

Arkay and Willie! talk about Gorf on the Colecovision, from the Arcade to the home port on our beloved Colecovision console.  This is the Audio Version of the show, the video version can be found on the Arcade USA youtube channel.

Download Here:

Collectorvision Phoenix
Colecovision Addict
Arcade USA


  1. I love the Colecovision. I used to play it everytime I went into the Mall in the early 80's at Sears. I stood alongside my opponents on the 2600 and Intellivision. I asked my father for a game system for Christmas but ended up with the Entex Space Invader, Tomy Blip, and Hit and Missile. ARghhh.

  2. All podcasts appear to have disappeared

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