The ColecoVisions Podcast

The ColecoVisions Podcast

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Trailer for the ColecoVisions Podcast

Welcome to The ColecoVisions Podcast where my co-host SocalMike and I will cover all things Coleco.    With special emphasis on the Colecovision game system!    From Alf to Telstar, if you have fond memories of classic Coleco toys and games, then this is the podcast for you.    Each episode will typically have the following segments:

- Main Feature - Colecovision related
- News
- Second Feature - A Classic coleco toy - review and information
- Listener emails and audio submissions

Sprinkled throughout will be trivia and other interesting content.  With a special high score competition between the hosts on the featured Colecovision Game (loser has to edit the podcast!).  The podcast also will feature a webpage and a forum to discuss all things Coleco!  as well as a video element for some podcasts.

Download the Episode!

Episode 1 will be about the Coleco company, the Colecovision console, the Colecovision pack in game Donkey Kong and the Donkey KongVFD Tabletop Arcade!   If you have any stories to submit either audio or to be read on the podcast, then submit them to the following email address!

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